Features Overview

Even with the advancements of technology, sourcing talent is still a people business. And because direct people interactions can take a substantial amount of effort and time, processes supported through TurboRecruit have added automation and efficiencies to the value-chain. That is where we excel.  TurboRecruit allows Corporate HR/Recruiters to automate and streamline simple tasks, resulting in more efficient and productive hiring processes. 


Intelligent Searching

Put simply, Artificial Intelligence or "AI" is an add-on to TurboRecruit, complementing these products to provide the most complete online recruitment solution available. As the name suggests, AI enables a world-first combination of an applicant-tracking system and an artificial intelligence resume parsing, searching and matching engine. The result is a supercharged tool giving incredibly accurate candidate matching to jobs, and ‘talent pool’ searching that makes other systems look like they’re from the stone-age.

What is Artificial Intelligence exactly?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of science that discovers ways to help machines find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. This generally involves borrowing characteristics from human intelligence, and applying them as algorithms, thus training the computer to replicate the same patterns.

Computers are great at performing mechanical computations, using fixed programmed rules. This allows machines to perform simple monotonous tasks efficiently and reliably, which humans are ill-suited to. But, whilst humans use abstract thought, pattern recognition and deliberative reasoning to solve tasks, computers have are not equipped to understand specific situations, and adapt to new ones. Artificial Intelligence aims to improve machine behaviour in tackling complex tasks, in order to achieve computer level accuracy in more complicated tasks.

The nature of the recruitment industry dynamics provides a clear opportunity to apply artificial intelligence (AI) in order to gain greater time and accuracy efficiencies in the recruitment process. Parsing and semantic matching are examples of how the technology has been successfully applied in the processes associated with recruitment and turboAI is one of the first commercial applications of this exciting new technology in the recruitment software field.

What does it mean for you? You’ll be able to concentrate on the best of your potential candidates more quickly, as a number of routine tasks will be taken off your hands. There will be a greater level of accuracy in repetitive tasks, and time and money savings to boot.

Remove Unconscious Bias from Your Recruitment Process

TurboRecruit uses the latest AI technologies around ensuring that bias is removed from the recruitment process.  The tools rank candidates based on the algorithms in the system which focus on skills, duties, previous work experience and a range of other objective factors.

Essentially when candidates apply for a roles TurboRecruit will rank them against the the job description and calculate a % score.  TurboRecruit will then, by default, list the applicants from the highest to the lowest score.  

This allows the recruiter to focus on those candidates that have a higher score and have the confidence that any bias conscious or not has been eliminated by using the AI ranking tools.

Applicant tracking

“Most of the recruitment businesses I have been involved in the past have used TurboRecruit as its Applicant Tracking and recruitment software platform since 2004. We migrated to TurboRecruit because of the increasing levels of ad response to online advertisements and the need to prioritise and rank responses. We have seen a considerable increase in consultant productivity as a result of Turbo’s one stop job advertising distribution facility, automated application acknowledgement and the ability to focus on the most critical jobs and the best applicants. We have been able to better utilise our talent pool through resume cloning and to distribute our job Indexes efficiently and effectively. My team has enjoyed a strong working relationship with the team at RecruitAdvantage from everyday queries to working collaboratively on more complex system re-engineering projects. The platform has been extremely reliable and down times are minimal. “
— Bob Olivier, Director – HR02

As a Recruitment Entity:

An agency’s or corporate recruitment team's main focus when recruiting is to find the right candidates quickly for their clients. This is achieved by attracting a range of candidates offering the right mix of skills, experience and characteristics to select from and present to the client. The recruiter can then to deliver high-grade candidates, and help with the final selection and assignment process.


Online recruitment systems find candidates to fill a range of employment vacancies in a number of ways. The e-recruitment software stores banks of candidates, and uses sophisticated search technology to locate the more suitable candidates when required. Software solutions such as RecruitAdvantage’s TurboRecruit use a sophisticated semantic matching engine to analyse resumes and rank them against the vacancy criteria, thus producing accurate recommendations more quickly and effectively.

Another way of controlling the process is with software accessed via the Internet. Online recruitment software companies such as recruitAdvantage are creating ways to put the control of the advertising process directly into the hands of the recruiter.

The Internet knows no regional or national frontiers therefore online services offer a global solution. If the people you require are in another country, finding them is not a problem. Your vacancies will go up on a site almost immediately, and can be updated instantly. Vacancies can also be instantaneously displayed on linked sites, for greater exposure. (Compare this with the time it can take to place an advertisement in the national press. Compare the costs too!)


Volume is not an issue; online services can just as easily handle multiple vacancies as well as taking them one at a time. The recruiter can easily monitor, assess and manage the flow of applicants to multiple vacancies, thus increasing their productivity dramatically.

Given all responses are electronic, administration time is cut significantly. Email is the communications medium of the modern business - fast, efficient and direct to your desktop. You are kept fully up to date, and you are in control.


Careers site management

RecruitAdvantage’s capabilities go beyond just providing you with a functionally rich applicant tracking system. As part of the leading software solution you get with TurboRecruit, we are able to deliver recruitment-specific websites with a flexible content management system, so that you can manage your own content in a fully branded (your brand) experience.


The design, including graphics and content architecture is part of the service offering. Our comprehensive experience in recruitment web design and interface development allows us to create recruiter websites that are visually appealing, easy to use and in line with your branding requirements.

SEO (search engine optimisation) focus

Our recruitment websites are search engine optimisation (SEO) ready to help you increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You are able to manage the SEO for your site and we can either make recommendations or manage keywords and site structure on your behalf on an ongoing basis… Your choice.

Social Networking integration

Our recruitment website platform is fully integrated with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can leverage the power of social networks and infuse your recruitment website with social traffic.

Integrated Platform

RecruitAdvantage has selected a number of integration partners as part of our vision of providing a unique application hub in the HR/Recruitment space delivered through the cloud.

The services provided by the selected partners compliment in many respects the TurboRecruit offering and provide as a result the ultimate best-of-breed solution.

Candidate Analysis

Quality information to make informed recruitment decisions

Automate time-consuming candidate assessments, psychometric testing and specialised testing by utilising science and eliminating re-keying and stacks of paperwork.

Onboarding, eLearning & Performance Management

From hiring or placement and beyond

Manage every phase of the employee life cycle, improve employee engagement and retention, improve accuracy and automate workflows.

Back-Office Integration

Seamless administration processes

Crucial functions in this area include timesheets, financial management & payroll, and accounting.

Reporting & Analytics

Timely data to understand your business

Use your data to provide up to date business intelligence including activity based reporting and advanced analytics.



Safe and Secure

Partnering with RecruitAdvantage means you will never have to install or maintain software or hardware. It also means that you will never have to worry about your data security and availability.

With 99.99% uptime, and real-time system status you can trust that TurboRecruit will be available for your business.

TurboRecruit stores your information and data on our own hardware in a World-class SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant data centre, away from your business.

Safe, secure, reliable.



Access anywhere, anytime on the Cloud

Any recruitment activity that uses the Internet as the principal medium of communication is covered by the term "online recruitment". Even with the advancements of technology and the ubiquitousness of the Web, recruitment is a people business. Hence, direct people interactions are still very important and they take a substantial amount of effort and time. Hence processes supported by online technologies have added automation and efficiencies to the value-chain. That is where online recruitment software technologies excel and where immense value can be derived from

Online recruitment is able to offer an additional dimension to recruitment which was not possible before. You can now harness Internet-based recruitment software technology to:

  • Reach out further, to a bigger audience.
  • Handle much higher volumes.
  • Speed up the recruitment process.
  • Improve the candidate experience through their online interactions.
  • Give the hiring managers more control.
  • Add flexibility.
  • Reduce costs.

On-The-Cloud Deployment:

Turborecruit is deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), "on-demand" software and is entirely "Cloud-based" software.

Note: It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining

How Cloud-based software works:

The model incorporates the vendor (a third party), which manages and distributes software-based services and solutions to customers remotely over the Internet. The user of the service uses a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, to access the resources through their Internet connection, in real-time, 24 hours a day.

TurboRecruit software is a good example of the SaaS delivery model, wherein the vendor takes care of all maintenance, upgrades and backups to ensure peak performance of the software.


  • Extra stability and security: through the high performance global Tier-1 network; this is why the majority of corporate clients choose this solution.
  • The convenience and affordability of payment based on a monthly investment: rather than a one-off lump sum.
  • Faster and easier to implement than the traditional client/server model, where access is obtained by a program on the client's computer and the shared data is stored on the company's server.

What does a Cloud User Think?

“Now that our processes have been streamlined we are seeing some massive time savings. We now have a system that stores resumes which can be searched on, candidate details are relevant and up to date and we can quickly and easily access these details and the candidate resumes.
We can communicate with candidates in a more effective manner and provide candidates with feedback on the progress of their applications.
The productivity and time savings have translated into a significant return on investment.”
— Graeme Parkinson, HR Consultant, Sydney Water