The most powerful way to
source, manage and match
people to jobs.


 4 Reasons to Turbo Charge your Recruitment Process  

Safe and secure

All information is safely stored, backed up and secure. Multiple people, from multiple locations can access information at once. Fast effective and reliable communications. More

Easy for you

Manages the job approval process. Allows approval across multiple divisions and departments. Intelligently matches candidates to job vacancies. Mine the wealth of the candidates you have! More

Easy for your users

We fully support over 120 job boards, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. As well people can access jobs from your own company website. Simply, with a click of a button on any device. More

Fully integrated

Leverage other technologies to fulfill your end to end recruitment process in a cost effective manner. From payroll to social media. A full range of recruitment related services in one platform. Simple. More


 intelligent features  

Get organised

Everything in one place - easily seen and never lost. Build your own library of qualified people. Intelligently match people to a job - automatically and easily. Automate recurrent and mundane tasks. No more lost people or emails with attachments you cannot find! More

Mobile and tablet support

Supports gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. People can apply for a job from just about anywhere. Branded with your own company logo and company branding requirements. No jargon, no complex setup - it just works!More

Advanced productivity

Need to manage multiple divisions or develop a simple chain of command to approve job vacancies? Easy! We support multiple levels of approval that you manage and control. Ensuring full accountability with great reports and simple stats. It can even talk to your own internal systems!More

Social media integration

A whole range of different ways can be used to attract people for jobs. This includes job websites, your own website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. All managed and controlled through one single system. Sounds difficult huh? Not the way we do it. All the complexity is gone, instead it focusses on what you want and need.More

 some delighted customers  


 what our clients say  

We used to have paper-based, inconsistent processes and very little automation before we implemented Turborecruit.

HR Manager – Sydney Water

Turborecruit has been adopted by the users effortlessly. The Turborecruit team made the process smooth and hassle free.

Ben Hussary, Staffing Manager - Australian Turf Club

The integrated Turborecruit system is very efficient, incredibly easy to use, remarkably simple and we have seen significant benefits.

Karen Barson-Wright, Leadership & Capability Partner - Sanitarium


 addressing agency and corporate needs  

For the agency recruiter

For the corporate recruiter


Sophisticated semantic matching engine to analyse resumes and rank them against the vacancy criteria, thus producing accurate recommendations more quickly and effectively.

 Perm, temp and contract processes
 Customisable recruitment process
 Executive recruitment
 Large volume recruitment
 Screening processes
 Multiple searching technologies
 Applicant tracking
 Full recruitment solution
 Job posting
 Recruitment process outsourcing
 Social media integration


Focused on the recruitment process requirements of businesses that need to source their own candidates or that use one or multiple recruitment agencies to acquire talent.

 Requisition management
 Internal approvals
 Vendor management
 Applicant tracking
 Full recruitment solution
 Job posting
 Careers site management
 Social media integration and management
 High volume capacity
 Flexible workflow module


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